Depression and how Hypnotherapy can help

Feeling down from time to time is part of life. But when despair and emptiness wont go away it may be depression.

Clinical depression brings with it an intense sadness or despair which affects every day life. A person finds it a challenge to cope with everyday problems in the way they have been used to. They find it difficult to rationalize their worries and experience a feeling of overwhelm.

There may be an obvious reason for becoming depressed and sometimes there is no explanation. Everything seems fine-no money worries, relationships good. It can be difficult to understand why there is this profound feeling of sadness. Sometimes the cause can be obvious and can be more than one cause and different people have different reasons.What is common though is, there is a set pattern of intrusive negative thoughts, which is one thing we can change together with the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy under Hypnosis. This technique can help overcome these thoughts which are part of depression.Physical symptoms may also accompany these negative feelings and worries, such as headaches, back ache, digestive problems, tiredness .Altered sleeping patterns can also be a symptom of depression, where a person may wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. On wakening, the person may feel physically exhausted and emotionally drained, dreading the day ahead.And so the cycle continues.

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