Energy - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Works well in conjunction with Hypnotherapy

Originally formulated by Gary Craig during the 1980s, EFT is designed to address problems in a different way from a different perspective. It is the perspective of improving the flow of energy through the energy body by removing blockages at the energetic level.
EFT is not a psychology.
EFT is not physiology.
EFT is a treatment modality that belongs to the third field of the Mind Body Spirit triad.
In order to function properly, energy needs to flow into the energy body,through and out. If the energy flow is blocked problems arise in the energy body. In EFT we tap on certain meridian points to improve the flow of energy and clear the blockages.

Most if not all human problems have at least an energy component in the problem system. This means that when you improve on the energy component, the entire problem system shifts and there is an evolution in the problem system. Especially when problems have been "stuck" for a long time and seem "immune" to all attempts to solve them or evolve them, addressing the energy system can often bring about an evolution or forward movement towards an eventual solution.