EMO is an Energy technique developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann to transform negative feelings. It is based on the fact that emotions are nothing more than a feedback device for the state of our energy system
When we feel good, our energy is flowing. When we feel bad, our energy is blocked. We can then locate the blockages in the body by paying attention to the feelings that go along with our emotions eg. the knot in the stomach, the pressure in the head etc. Then we use our intention and our own healing hands to soften the energy and get it to flow again.

EMO is such a simple technique that even children can do it. It is so natural that you can do it anywhere. It’s so fast you won’t believe how easy it is to use on it’s own or integrated with other therapies. When you know it’s only an energy, healing becomes simple and logical.
Most if not all human problems have at least an energy component in the problem system. This means that when you improve on the energy component, the entire problem system shifts and there is an evolution in the problem system. Especially when problems have been “stuck” for a long time and seem “immune” to all attempts to solve them or evolve them, addressing the energy system can often bring about an evolution or forward movement towards an eventual solution.
We have now moved away from the SUD ( subjective unit of discomfort) scale for measuring progress. We now use the SUE (subjective unit of experience) scale which takes us to states of joy and euphoria.

How EMO can help you:

Overcome fears/phobias

Transform Depression into Joy

Change Anxiety to Delight

Transform Sadness into Laughter

Change Apathy into High Energy

Restore Balance to Body and Mind

Manage pain in the body

Enable you to function at optimum level

Fee: £55 per session.