Stop smoking Programme

Did you know that nine out of ten times, people can’t help it!

Did you know that the reason people find it hard to stop smoking is because the subconscious mind – that all powerful 83% part of our mind thinks it makes you better to smoke. So all the time your conscious mind tells you it is bad for you to smoke the bigger part of your mind says its ok. My goodness what a dilemma. And did you know the longer it goes on this way, it becomes a habit. No wonder people find it difficult to stop!

My new programme, includes some of the original ways and some different ways. I pull out all the stops to make sure you have every possible chance to stop smoking. However, I want to make sure you understand that we need to work together as a team. You need to do your bit ie the exercises, I ask you to do. Then we’ll be ROCKIN’ and ROLLIN’.

  1. Energy Body Stress is one of the main reasons people find it hard to stop smoking. So the first thing we do is to teach the client how to be aware of and monitor Energy Body Stress Levels, which in turn will make sure the energy flow is good. You will be given materials to help you at home.
  2. There is a strange phenomenon where a cigarette smoker has built up a relationship with his/her addiction. So we can treat the object of the addiction ie. The cigarette with mindful EFT protocol . This is a direct and powerful shortcut which we use in energy work. The purpose of this is to release the energy blocks created from this relationship.
  3. Treating the “Guiding Star” event with energy work. This is a means to discover and deal with an original event, where the person actually “fell in love” with the addictive substance. In this case the cigarette. Every serious long standing addiction has a “Guiding Star” which holds the addiction in place. This again is another learned experience where the person thinks it’s a good idea to smoke and it helps them feel better. This is another Energy Block and needs to be treated in the way all blocks are treated.
  4. Treating the physical withdrawal symptoms, which can be felt as severe by some people. When we address the emotions and Energy Body stress to improve energy flow, we may not make these symptoms disappear. However, we can help the person to stabilize and help them to be less stressed and less afraid to help them through the process
  5. Treating the craving with Energy work. Cravings are intense sensations we feel in our body. By focusing where we feel these cravings, we can use in an EFT setup to pay attention to these sensations and treat ASAP.
  6. Treat the reasons for the addiction with EFT. We discuss what was happening in the person’s life which made her/him vulnerable to the addiction. So it helps to go back in time and think about just before the person made contact with the addictive substance i.e. the cigarette. We discover what the major stress, pain or problems were happening at the time. In order for that person to remain free of that cigarette, we go back in time to treat the “Aspect” to clear blockages from back then.
  7. Treat the Habit with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and Hypnosis.
  8. So often smoking has become a habit for example:
    smoke after a meal
    smoke with a drink
    smoke whilst on the phone . . . and many more examples.

The small price to pay to re-gain your health, have more energy and stamina £190.
Based on two 1.5 hours sessions, teaching, written materials and tailored made support recording and email back up between sessions if required.

Hypnotherapy can help us reach the full potential we all possess.