Weight reduction and management

Have you ever wondered why you never seem to maintain your weight loss even though you keep to a healthy diet and regularly excercise? By attending slimming clubs and using weight loss plans, you lose the weight you want to lose then BINGO!!!! - six months later the pounds start to pile on again. It can feel so frustrating.

The answer is to change your relationship with food.What do I mean by that? What would it be like if you could change the way you think about weight reduction and control.What would it be like if you could think more about what you want to GAIN rather than what you want to LOSE.Think about GAINING the LEVEL of weight you want to achieve.Think about GAINING improved confidence, self esteem, control of your eating,right body shape and a better self image.What would that FEEL like? Wouldn't it be great to get into that dress/trouser size? Easily and effortlessly with Hypnotherapy/EFT/NLP.There have been many studies, using groups of people who have received Hypnotherapy and those who haven't had therapy, have shown that a higher percentage of people reduce their weight and keep it off with Hypnotherapy. So... can you imagine how easy it will be with the added EFT and NLP.

How does Hypnotherapy/EFT/NLP work for you?
  1. Using these techniques will develop a new self image.
  2. You learn to relax about weight reduction, so that my programme will not be a struggle but rather a natural part of your life.
  3. You will develop a new and healthy attitude to weight reduction and a positive attitude to achieving your goals.
  4. You will overcome any subconscious habits that may be stopping you reaching your weight level.
  5. Clinical Hypnosis can free people from phobias, compulsions, feelings of guilt, jealousy and other negative feelings.
  6. You will have your tailor made recording to use at home as well as other tools. It'll be like having your PERSONAL therapist at home with you 24/7.

Two sessions 2 weeks apart, combining Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy / EFT/NLP with a recorded CD tailored to the client's needs given at the second session plus personal EFT protocol for use at home.

Fee: £110 payable at first appointment. Subsequent follow up sessions £50.

Another approach

Another answer to the challenge of weight reduction could be secondary gain. There could be issues/events firmly embedded in your subconscious mind which prevent the benefits of the weight loss programme from happening. These issues/events could be causing secondary gain. In other words, there is a positive reason for holding on to the weight you no longer want or need. For example it could be a safety issue. It could be that a person may have had an experience in the past where they were hurt and by keeping the weight, they feel safe.

An example of this phenomenon could be that an individual may have been bullied at school for being very thin. This in turn has caused an emotional hurt. If that experience had not been dealt with at the time and the memory of the event has been repressed, the pain will remain in the person's psyche. The person doesn't even know it's there. All they KNOW is they cannot maintain a healthy weight.

Therefore, the reason, at a subconcious level, is they were bullied at school for being thin so now they keep their weight for safety - they won't get bullied or hurt for being over-weight. This is where the technique of Mnemodynamics is beneficial.The use of Mnemodynamics can release negative thoughts and feelings from past difficulties, allowing the person to move on and manage their weight easlily and effortlessly.

Mnemodynamics: 5-7 sessions required: £55 per session.

Hypnotherapy can help us reach the full potential we all possess.