What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which the imagination rather than the intellect is active. Many people believe that Hypnosis involves becoming unconscious, but it has nothing to do with sleep.

Contrary to belief, Hypnosis cannot be forced on to people. It is a state which clients allow themselves to enter. In this sense, all Hypnosis is self Hypnosis, in the form of day dreaming, vivid remembering, anticipating the future, or fantasizing. These Hypnotic states occur naturally in every day life.

In the clinical environment, Hypnosis is similar to a very pleasant state of physical relaxation - can be likened to meditation - which in itself is beneficial, especially in the treatment of symptoms brought on by stress.

Hypnosis cannot perform miracles, but it is a state of awareness which can be used for self help. Psychological problems, from unwanted habits to irrational anxiety can usually be traced to distorted/unbalanced attitudes, deeply embedded in the mind, very often at a subconscious level. By the time clients seek help, they have usually exhausted the resources of their logical, critical, conscious minds.

In the Hypnotic state, people can draw upon their inner imaginative, and experimental resources and be open to positive suggestion which encourage more sensible, helpful and balanced attitudes to reality.

For certain conditions, regression techniques are used. This means re-experiencing significant events in one's life. Sometimes this is used to discover within oneself qualities and resources which, made available in the problem situation, will solve it. Sometimes, traumatic events which have been repressed can be expressed and relief obtained. Sometimes traumatic experiences which have had a distorting effect on the mind can be re-assessed and their harmful effects eliminated or subdued.

What can Hypnosis treat?:

Modern Hypnotherapists use Hypnosis not only for medical purposes, but also as an aid for the resolution of many problems that are psychological in nature.It is estimated that approximately 85% of people of all age groups will readily respond to Clinical Hypnotherapy. It is often successful when other conventional methods of treatment have failed. Listed below are just some of the conditions for which Hypnotherapy is indicated as a practical treatment.

  1. Breaking unwanted habits such as smoking, nail biting etc.
  2. Relief/remission from symptoms of asthma,migraine,IBS,
  3. Dermatological conditions such as eczema,psoriasis etc.
  4. Pain control for minor surgery,dentistry,arthritis etc.
  5. Clinical Hypnosis can free people from phobias, compulsions, feelings of guilt, jealousy and other negative feelings.

Hypnotherapy is effective in weight control, increasing work/study/sports performance, improving concentration and memory and boosting self confidence.

Hypnotherapy can help us reach the full potential we all possess.

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